New High Performance Solar Emulation Released

March 24, 2011

Magna-Power Electronics released an update to its solar emulation capabilities, increasing product performance by nearly two orders of magnitude. The latest release combines their new high slew rate output stage, controller performance optimizations, and an updated Photovoltaic Power Profile Emulation software package for unrivaled solar emulation range from 2 kW to 1 MW+.

Magna-Power Electronics Breaks Ground on NJ Manufacturing Facility Expansion

March 15, 2011

Magna-Power Electronics broke ground on a 29,000 sq-ft expansion to its manufacturing facility in Flemington, New Jersey. The expansion follows the company’s significant growth, to accommodate increased research, product development, and manufacturing. The expansion will be directly joined to the company’s current 27,500 sq-ft manufacturing facility, providing a total of 56,500 sq-ft. 

High Slew Rate Output Option Now Available, 2 kW to 600 kW+

December 13, 2010

Magna-Power Electronics released their new high slew rate output option, which meets the demands of fast-performance dc applications. The option, available on the company’s entire product line from 2 kW to 600 kW+, improves slew rate and bandwidth by nearly two orders of magnitude.






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