Editorial: Customer Demand Draws Suppliers Into LXI Camp

Press Release, September 15, 2009


The number of vendors supplying LXI instruments continues to grow. The first to make introductions, as you might expect, were the larger instrument houses. Now, however, many other companies are getting into the action.

A look at the list of all LXI products reveals that power supplies are one of the largest categories. Recently, Magna-Power added LXI as an option for its entire line of supplies, whether the units have traditional front panels or blank panels with software-only control. The company usually has dealt in high-power supplies ranging from the XR Series (2 to 6 kW), PQ Series III (3.3 to 10 kW), TS Series III (5 to 45 kW), and MS Series III (30 to 75 kW) to the MT Series IV (100 to 150 kW)...

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