How should the product be installed into a rack so that it’s properly supported?

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Magna-Power's SL Series, XR Series and TS Series products are designed to be installed into a standard 19" EIA-310 rack. All MagnaDC rack-mount DC power supplies are designed to be stacked with zero clearance between units in a rack. These products are side air intake with rear exhaust. Fully enclosed racks should be equipped with fans to exhaust the heat produced by these products in accordance with Magna-Power's recommendations (see KB1011). MagnaDC products are 24" deep, not including DC output bus bars. Magna-Power recommends racks with a minimum depth of 30". 

The front panel rack-mount brackets are provided to support the front of the power supply. To properly install a rack-mount MagnaDC power supply, rear support must be provided. All SL Series units come standard with adjustable rear support brackets that fit most racks. For XR Series and TS Series units, a rear support bar should be provided capable of supporting the product's weight. Such support bars or angle-irons are available from most cabinet manufacturers that will allow integration while maintaining zero clearance between units. Alternatively, a shelf from the cabinet manufacturer can be used to to fully support the product. 

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