2. Product Introduction

2.1. Key Features

The ARx Series MagnaLOAD is available in power levels of 6.75 kW, 13.5 kW, 27 kW, 33.75 kW, and 40.5 kW. The 6.75 kW models come in a 6U rack-mount package, while the 13.5 kW to 40.5 kW models come in various stand-alone cabinets. Each power level has three models, with a wide voltage-current operating profile where full power can be achieved. The key features of the MagnaLOAD are as follows:

Product Features

  • MagnaLINK™ distributed DSP architecture
  • 16-bit programming and monitoring resolution
  • Voltage, current, power, resistance, rheostat, and shunt regulator control modes
  • Various diagnostics and protection features, including: over voltage trip, under voltage trip, over current trip, over power trip and over resistance trip.
  • Front and rear panel USB (host), RS485, MagnaLINK™ IN and OUT ports
  • Configurable 25-pin analog-digital External User I/O port
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

2.2. Models

The available ARx Series MagnaLOAD models and maximum limits are defined in the following table.

The range of operation is defined by the Operating Profile, normalized about the model’s maximum power, maximum voltage, and maximum current ratings from the table below.

Model Maximum Power Maximum Voltage Maximum Current Package Type
ARx6.75-200-70 6.75 kW 200 Vdc 70 Adc Floor-standing
ARx6.75-500-28 6.75 kW 500 Vdc 28 Adc Floor-standing
ARx6.75-1000-14 6.75 kW 1000 Vdc 14 Adc Floor-standing
ARx13.5-200-140 13.5 kW 200 Vdc 140 Adc Floor-standing
ARx13.5-500-56 13.5 kW 500 Vdc 56 Adc Floor-standing
ARx13.5-1000-28 13.5 kW 1000 Vdc 28 Adc Floor-standing
ARx20.25-200-210 20.25 kW 200 Vdc 210 Adc Floor-standing
ARx20.25-500-84 20.25 kW 500 Vdc 84 Adc Floor-standing
ARx20.25-1000-42 20.25 kW 1000 Vdc 42 Adc Floor-standing
ARx27-200-280 27 kW 200 Vdc 280 Adc Floor-standing
ARx27-500-112 27 kW 500 Vdc 112 Adc Floor-standing
ARx27-1000-56 27 kW 1000 Vdc 56 Adc Floor-standing
ARx33.75-200-350 33.75 kW 200 Vdc 350 Adc Floor-standing
ARx33.75-500-140 33.75 kW 500 Vdc 140 Adc Floor-standing
ARx33.75-1000-70 33.75 kW 1000 Vdc 70 Adc Floor-standing
ARx40.5-200-420 40.5 kW 200 Vdc 420 Adc Floor-standing
ARx40.5-500-168 40.5 kW 500 Vdc 168 Adc Floor-standing
ARx40.5-1000-84 40.5 kW 1000 Vdc 84 Adc Floor-standing

2.2.1. Model Ordering Guide

The following ordering guide defines how an ARx Series MagnaLOAD is defined:

Figure 90: ARx Series MagnaLOAD Model Ordering Guide

2.3. Specifications

2.3.1. Physical Specifications

Power Package Size (H x W x D) Weight
1.25 kW Rack-mount (3U) 5¼” x 24” x 19” in (13.3 x 60.9 x 48.2 cm) ## lbs (##.# kg)
2.5 kW Rack-mount (3U) 5¼” x 24” x 19” in (13.3 x 60.9 x 48.2 cm) ## lbs (##.# kg)

2.3.2. Environmental Specifications

  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 50 °C
  • Storage Temperature: -25 to 85 °C
  • Humidity (Non-Condensing): ≤ 95%
  • Altitude: Up to 10,000 ft (3,000 m)
  • Air Intake: Front
  • Air Exhaust: Rear

2.3.3. Programming Specifications

  • Voltage Resolution: 16-bit, 0.0015%
  • Voltage Programming Accuracy: ± 0.## %
  • Voltage Measurement Accuracy: ± 0.## %
  • Over Voltage Trip Range: 10% to 110% of max rated voltage
  • Current Resolution: 16-bit, 0.0015%
  • Current Programming Accuracy: ± 0.## %
  • Current Measurement Accuracy: ± 0.## %
  • Over Current Trip Range: 10% to 110% of max rated current
  • Power Resolution: 16-bit, 0.0015%
  • Power Programming Accuracy: ± 0.## %
  • Power Measurement Accuracy: ± 0.## %
  • Over Power Trip Range: 10% to 110% of max rated power
  • Resistance Resolution: 16-bit, 0.0015%
  • Resistance Programming Accuracy: ± 0.## %
  • Resistance Measurement Accuracy: ± 0.## %

2.3.4. Performance Specifications

  • Line Regulation: ##
  • Load Regulation: ##
  • Load Transient Response (Voltage Mode): ##
  • Load Transient Response (Current Mode): ##
  • Load Transient Response (Power Mode): ##
  • Load Transient Response (Resistance Mode): ##
  • Load Transient Response (Rheostat Mode): ##
  • Voltage Slew Rate Range: 0.1 V/µs - ## V/µs
  • Current Slew Rate Range: See Models Chart
  • Power Slew Rate Range: ##
  • Resistance Slew Rate Range: ##
  • Ripple: mVrms
  • AC Input Isolation: Vac
  • DC Input Isolation: ## Vdc
  • Stability: ##
  • Remote Sense: # Vdc max drop between sense and load input

2.3.5. Connectivity Specifications

  • USB Host (Front): Standard, Type B
  • USB Host (Rear): Standard, Type B
  • RS485 (Rear): Standard, RJ-45
  • LXI TCP/IP Ethernet (Rear): Optional, RJ-45
  • IEEE-488 GPIB (Rear): Optional
  • MagnaLINK™: Standard, RJ-25 x 2
  • External User I/O: Standard, 25-pin D-sub Female

2.3.6. External User I/O Specifications

  • Digital Input Voltage: 5V (#.# min, #.# max)
  • Digital Input Impedance:
  • Digital Monitoring Voltage: 5V, # mA capacity
  • Digital Monitoring Impedance:
  • Digital Reference Voltage: 5V, # mA capacity
  • Analog Sampling Rate: ## kHz
  • Analog Programming Voltage: 0-10V
  • Analog Programming Accuracy: ± 0.## %
  • Analog Programming Resolution: 12-bit, 0.025%
  • Analog Monitoring Voltage: 0-10V, # mA capacity
  • Analog Monitoring Impedance: ## kΩ
  • Analog Reference Voltage: 10V, # mA capacity
  • Provided Reference Voltages: 5V, 10V
  • Interlock Input: 5V

2.3.7. AC Input Specifications

  • AC Input Voltage: 85-265 Vac, 1-phase
  • AC Input Current: 3.5-1.2 Aac
  • AC Input Frequency: 50-60 Hz

2.4. Diagrams and Indicators

2.5. Options and Accessories

2.6. Principle of Operation

Magna-Power Electronics MagnaLOAD DC electronic loads are offered in three variations: the ARx Series, the WRx Series, and the ALx Series. The ARx Series and WRx Series is comprised of a bank of MOSFETs and a series connected array of power resistors configured in a binary format. The ALx Series, which utilizes a more conventional electronic load circuit topology, is comprised simply as a bank of MOSFETs. Both models use three MOSFETs arranged in modular subassemblies called linear modules. These modules contain the necessary drive, feedback, and protection circuitry.

Figure 91 shows a simplified version of the ARx Series and WRx Series, which includes two basic series connected elements: resistor R1 and current source Q1. The current source consists of MOSFET Q1, shunt resistor R2, and operational amplifier U1. Load current, IL, is set with voltage V1 applied to the positive input of operational amplifier U1. V1 drives the gate of Q1 high until the voltage across the shunt resistor, VR2, equals that of V1. The load current, IL, will be equal to V1/R2.

Figure 91: Basic ARx Series and WRx Series MagnaLOAD dissipative component

Assuming the power across the shunt resistor is insignificant, the power dissipated in load resistor R1 is IL x VR1 and the power dissipated in MOSFET Q1 is IL x VQ1. The resistors can be operated at higher temperatures than the MOSFETs, simplifying cooling requirements of the passive elements. Keeping VQ1 small and VR1 large lowers system costs in comparison with purely semiconductor electronic loads. Adjusting the value of resistor R1 is accomplished with a binary switching matrix.

Keeping the resistor switching increments small and over a wide range maintains the smallest voltages across the linear modules and over the widest operating range. The ARx Series and WRx Series has 31 resistor switching states to accomplish this goal. In parallel with the resistors is a shorting switch which provide a very low impedance to bypass the resistor matrix. With the shorting switch enabled, the ARx Series and WRx Series operates like a conventional electronic load and is capable of providing a near zero impedance. The power limit in this mode is that of the linear modules.

With the linear modules fully conducting, the ARx Series and WRx Series can operate solely with the resistor matrix providing 31 resistor states. This mode, called rheostat mode, has no feedback controls for automatic adjustment. Rheostat mode eliminates any possible instabilities between the source and load and is basically a programmable power resistor.

The linear modules have protection circuitry to protect itself from abusive conditions. Each linear module is protected against over current and over voltage conditions. These fault conditions are independent of normal feedback operation. Over current conditions causes shutdown of the system. Over voltage conditions operate in two states. If the voltage applied to the load exceeds it rating, the linear module first acts as a power Zener diode to clamp any transient voltage such as that produced by Ldi/dt. After short instant in time, the ARx series shuts down like over current protection.

The ALx Series uses the same linear modules as the ARx Series. The ALx series has no resistor matrix and no shorting switch. The ALx Series uses 12 linear modules for 2,500 Watt operation, while the ARx Series and WRx Series uses 4 linear modules for 6,750 Watt and 12,500 Watt operation, respectively. The ALx Series has a wider constant power range since there is no restriction with application of the resistor matrix.

The control system has multiple digital signal processors (DSPs), a minimum of 4 are used with others depending on external communications. The combination gives both the ARx and ALx Series powerful control in regulating current, voltage, power, resistance, and rheostat mode. Both the ARx Series and ALx Series use the same control scheme. Like all Magna-Power products, all control circuitry is referenced to earth ground eliminating ground loops between communications equipment.