6. Operation: Front Panel

The standard MagnaLOAD front panel provides local control and display of the product’s various parameters and settings. Figure 39 provides an overview of the standard MagnaLOAD front panel and Figure 40 provides an overview of the blank (+BP) MagnaLOAD front panel. A numbered list corresponding to the indicators on the front panels is located below the front panel figures.

Figure 39: Standard MagnaLOAD front panel overview

Figure 40: Blank MagnaLOAD front panel overview

  1. Start Button: Enables the DC input bus
    Stop Button: Disables the DC input bus
  2. Voltage measurement display

  3. Current measurement display

  4. 4-line character display featuring a menu system, operating status and modes, product messages with diagnostic codes, resistance measurement display, and power measurement display

  5. Control power switch, energizes the control circuits without engaging DC bus

  6. LED indicator that the DC input is enabled

  7. Full control (host) front panel USB port

  8. Clean air intake, with integrated fans

  9. Aluminium digital encoder knob for programming set-points

  10. LED indicator of the MagnaLOAD’s present regulation state, which can include: constant voltage (CV), constant current (CC), constant power (CP), or constant resistance (CR)

  11. Selector buttons to choose which set-point the digital encoder knob and digital keypad buttons will modify.

  12. Menu Button: Enters the menu system on the 4-line display
    Back Button: Moves back one level in the menu
    Enter Button: Selects the highlighted menu item
    Clear Button: Removes the product from a faulted state
    Lock Button: Locks the front panel, with password protection available

6.1. Set Point Adjustment

6.2. Auxiliary Display

The MagnaLOAD‘s standard front panel features an auxiliary 4-line character display used for two distinct views: the product’s operating status and a multi-level menu system, used for configuring various products settings.

6.2.1. Operating Status Display

The default display on the auxiliary display provides information about the MagnaLOAD‘s present operating conditions, as follows:

The product’s present operating status.
The product’s presently selected control mode and active computer programming interface.
Message (MSG)
A detailed description of the product’s present status including steps listed to resolve a fault.
Resistance (R)
The measured resistance value at the MagnaLOAD‘s DC input terminals.
Power (P)
The measured power being dissipated in the MagnaLOAD through its DC input terminals.